July 5th

Today in Problem Sleuth history Problem Sleuth checked the score, got the pig poster from ace Dicks office, and went back up to the control room, Nervous Broad attempted to apply make up, and Ace Dick accepted a righteous mission.

Pages: 715-723

jonnycravat asked
How are you on this fine day, dear?

Things have calmed down quite a bit, which is quite the relief for my dear friend, Nervous Broad. Sometimes she can be quite silly!

OOC: Hey there

I will be cosplaying on this blog very soon! As soon as my costume bits are all together. so until then most of this blog will be textual and a few pictures. don’t worry i’m moving everything along as fast as possible :) And as a side not i’ll always be checking my tag as well as my inbox if you have and questions or things!!

lesliehiggins asked
how have things been going with sleuth lately?

He has no sense of self preservation! Ever since the sepulchritude insident I’ve had to keep a closer eye on him.

HD: Tentatively Start A Blog

You start a blog in which people may ask you any question they please. You sit back patiently an wait.